How to Talk to a Liberal or Socialist:

Hold them to the subject - they will try to move to something else they think is related - they hope to defeat you on the topics they chose. What is really happening is that they can't defeat your arguments (assuming you have good arguments) and have to escape to somewhere else. They think they are winning when they lead you off;  they ARE "winning" when that happens. Hold them to the subject.

They will resort to name calling because they don't have actual arguments to support their position. It's shock treatment to shut you up, or make you lose your cool and get mad - you won't be able to think straight. Try to exist on a higher plain of thought.

They will put down conservative ideals, by association to any bad thing that has happened in the past. And once they pull down one thing they think the whole conservative argument will fail. They don't know what conservativism is - you should know. Tell them.

They assume they are right therefore all arguments to the contrary are wrong. They try to convince you that the issue has already been decided. They won't listen - Point this out. If they are right, then they should be able to defeat your arguments.

Make simple augments that are completely winnable. Find out every conceivable retort and have an answer for it. Ideally, you should know how they think - in the words of Sun Tzu "Know Your Enemy". Also, know your own weaknesses. Avoid confrontation if you are not ready for it.

Treat the whole thing as a battle. You have to train hard. You have to be smarter, stronger and more persistent than your enemy. You have to know yourself. Anything you enemy throws at you, you have to handle. Anticipate how they will react when you are on the offensive. That means you have to know them inside and out.

Most people just want to follow the crowd - for these people thinking for yourself is to be avoided. Politics and religion are avoided the most. These people have to be woken up from their relativistic fog first. The odd irrefutable truth may be dropped from time to time - using the war analogy it's called sniping.

Other arguments: You are lost in the past, Most people don't follow that stuff now-a-days. The answer to those of course is truth and reality are always in "style", even if you don't care about them. Just because a majority of people think a certain way, doesn't mean they are right. If a majority of people thought the world was flat, would that make it flat?