Conservative Sites.

Campaign Life Coalition
A genuine Conservative site

British Etiquette
I think we should adopt some of this for Canada

Conservative Forum
This site doesn't seem to be updated anymore, but contains quotes essays etc.

Chesterton Society
Who is this guy and why haven't we heard of him before?

Socon or Bust
A catholic social conservative site

Conservative Values of Canada
I hope they expand this site...

Canadian Values
I hope they expand this site...

The Catholic Thing
Some great writting here.

William Gairdner
This site has many articles essays pertaining to conservativism.

"Navigating Modern Complexities" News, Articles, and Blogs make this an interesting site.

Prager University
Answers to life's questions.

David Warren
Gary McHale

A good US site.
Individualism vs Collectivism
A good comparison to read.

Real Women of Canada


Institute of Marriage and Family
Located in Ottawa

Family Watch
Family Watch International, fighting for conservative values at the UN.

United Families
Another US conservative values site

Defend the Family

Parents as First Educators


Ezra Levant
Ezra Levant's blog dedicated to fighting the Human Rights Commissions in Canada.

Freedom Site

Small Dead Animals

Five Feet of Fury

Blazing Cat Fur

The Climate Change (Global Warming) Fraud:

John Daly's site

Climate Science International


The Landowner Magazine


LifeSite News

The Interim - Canada's Life and Family Newspaper

C2C Journal
Canada's Journal of Ideas - Articles from a who's who of Conservative Canadians.

Right Wing news:

The Rebel

Breitbart News

Road kill Radio
Live talk shows on stuff the main stream media won't touch.

CFRA Radio
Live talk shows on stuff the main stream media won't touch.


The International Free Press Society
A leading force against politically correct censorship.

Ontario Land Owners Assoication
A Rural based organization against government intrusion.

The Canadian Constitution Foundation
Provides legal help to people persecuted by Canada's Human Rights kangaroo courts.

Canadian Tax Payers Federation
Find out how your tax dollars are used/wasted.

The Fraser Institute
The Fraser Institute is a conservative think tank.

Heritage Foundation
a US based conservative site

Local Interest Ottawa area

Ottawa Taxpayer


Canadian Heritage Documents
Search Canadian Heritage Documents 1600s - 1940
Communications Research Center - beginnings
This Describes the early formation and successes of Canada's space program

Videos with Traditional Subject Matter


The Farm Series

Tales from the Green Valley Tudor Monastery Farm A Tudor Feast at Christmas
Edwardian Farm Victorian Farm Victorian Farm Christmas
Wartime Farm Wartime Farm Christmas Secrets of the Castle